3.23 - Healing Addictions with Art ft. Adam Millward (NexusVisions.com)

InnerVerse show

Summary: <p>I present to you Adam Millward, mandala maker, Minds.com personality, and visionary artist. This is a conversation about the transformation power that one can tap into when engaging with creative passions. We speak about turning addictions into artistry, and riff on metaphysics, consciousness, psychedelics and sychronicity. Throw in some delicious banter about visionary artists like Alex and Allyson Grey and Chris Dyer and you have a recipe for a real trip of an episode.</p><br><p>Subscribe to InnerVerse on iTunes - <a href="https://goo.gl/46NWgn" target="_blank">https://goo.gl/46NWgn</a></p><p>View Adam's Mandalas: <a href="https://www.nexusvisions.com" target="_blank">https://www.nexusvisions.com</a></p><br><p>Full Episode Notes &amp; Links: <a href="https://innerversepodcast.com/season-3/23" target="_blank">https://innerversepodcast.com/season-3/23</a></p><p>Episode Topics:</p><p>  +Adam's journey from working in a call center to full time mandala artist</p><p>  +Directing one's own spiritual evolution</p><p>  +Leveling up through daily practice</p><p>  +Finding fulfillment from creative work instead of standard jobs</p><p>  +Putting positive intention into artwork</p><p>  +Spontaneous emotional healing through experiencing art</p><p>  +Channeling multidimensional sychronicities encoded in mandala geometry</p><p>  +Unplugging from the negativity matrix and plugging in to the Infinite Self</p><p>  + <a href="https://www.Minds.com%20" target="_blank">https://www.Minds.com </a>- A free speech alternative to Facebook censorship and propaganda</p><p>  +Alex Grey's conscious community at COSM (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors)- <a href="http://cosm.org/" target="_blank">http://cosm.org/</a></p><p>  +Dreaming of creating a psychedelic art temple</p><p>  +Connecting with a community to subvert the unsustainable society system</p><p>  +Streamlining personal needs to be able to make a living from art</p><p>  +Visionary art influencing party culture and transforming it</p><p>  +Knowing when you've found your passion and what that looks like</p><p>  +#chrisdyerisgod - Chris Dyer's Positive Creations - <a href="http://positivecreations.ca/" target="_blank">http://positivecreations.ca/</a></p><p>  +Supporting other's art and how it draws more creative energy into one's life</p><p>  +The moral quandary of engaging in the practice of competitive commerce</p><p>  +And more in the Plus+ extension! - <a href="http://patreon.com/innerverse" target="_blank">http://patreon.com/innerverse</a></p><br><p>This episode has something special for you loyal Patrons. Going forward, I will be creating episodes that extend beyond an hour into an extra 30 to 60 minutes of interview, which will be exclusive "Plus" content, only accessible through Patreon. Patrons will also get early access to shows, before the main episode goes out. Please let me know what you think of this idea and I hope you enjoy the episode!</p><br><p><a href="http://patreon.com/innerverse" target="_blank">Plus+ Extension</a> Topics:</p><p>  +Adam's near death experience and how it changed his life and his relation to psychedelics</p><p>  +Leaving recreational psychedelic use behind and bringing unity consciousness into normal life</p><p>  +Adam explains his perspective on the Infinite</p><p>  +The metaphysics of Rick and Morty</p><p>  +Musing on microdosing</p><p>  +Discussion of modern research on LSD and magic mushrooms</p><p>  +Visionary abilities and diet/fasting</p><p>  +Gut bacteria and possible effects on consciousness</p><p>  +Healing unconscious addictions by replacing them with conscious activities</p><p>  +Social media pros and cons and how Minds is superior to Facebook</p><p>  +Sympathy for shit posters</p><br><p>Music in this episode:</p><p><a href="https://goo.gl/Pe743w" target="_blank">The Funk Hunters &amp; Chali 2na - "FUNK BACK"</a></p><p><a href="https://goo.gl/ayvVuf" target="_blank">Man Of No Ego &amp; Logical Elements - "The Original"</a></p><p><a href="https://goo.gl/RyXa9m" target="_blank">Man Of No Ego - "Central Source"</a> </p><br><hr><p style="color:grey;font-size:0.75em;"> See <a style="color:grey;" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="https://acast.com/privacy">acast.com/privacy</a> for privacy and opt-out information.</p>