Ep. 170: Kids in the kitchen!

Fed+Fit Podcast show

Summary: On today's episode, I'm talking with Heather of Fit Mama Real Food about how to get kids involved in the kitchen!<br> <br> <br> <br> We're back with our 170th episode of the Fed+Fit Podcast! Remember to check back every Monday for a new episode and be sure to subscribe on iTunes!<br> <br> Find us HERE on iTunes and be sure to "subscribe."<br> <br> <br> <br> <br> Episode 170 Sponsors<br> <br> Thrive Market - for an EXTRA 25% off your first purchase PLUS a free 30 day trial via THIS link!<br> Lorissa's Kitchen - for 20% off on Amazon, click HERE and use code "20OFFLK"<br> <br> Episode 170 Transcription<br> <br> Cassy Joy: Welcome back to another episode of the Fed and Fit podcast. I am your host, Cassy Joy Garcia. And today we’re back; I’m interviewing the lovely Heather England.<br> <br> Heather is the blogger behind FitMamaRealFood.com. She is a wife; mom to four little kids, a group fitness instructor, and is passionate about real food. Today I’ve invited her onto the show to talk about how to bring kids into the kitchen. Welcome to the show, Heather!<br> <br> Heather England: Thank you so much for having me, Cassy! It’s just so exciting to be here with you.<br> <br> Cassy Joy: Yeah! Thanks so much for coming on.<br> <br> Heather England: Yeah.<br> <br> Cassy Joy: Heather interviewed me on her podcast; and she was like, how about we chat some more and share about this topic I'm really passionate about. So tell us a little bit more about yourself. How you got into this scene. I know people are always very curious about how do you become a food blogger, and a podcaster and all this sort. And then what specifically has inspired you; you have four littles. So I’m sure that has everything to do with it. But has really inspired this topic of bringing kids into the kitchen to be a passion project of yours?<br> <br> Heather England: Yeah. Well, yes I’m a mom to four. I’ll start with a little bit about me. I’ve been married to my husband; gosh, we just had our 10-year anniversary. We have four kids, ages 6, 4, 2, and 4 months old. And they are so much fun. And so high energy! {laughs}<br> <br> And I really got into blogging shortly after my husband and I got married. So it’s almost been 10 years that I started my blog. And initially it started as just a place for me to share, as I was learning kind of how to be healthy. My husband and I often joke about 10 years ago, we would go to Costco, and we would buy this garlic chicken frozen meal. And that’s the only thing we can remember eating from 10 years ago; although we ate more. It’s amazing to see the journey of how far we’ve come.<br> <br> So my blog started as just a place for me to share my path to becoming a healthier version of myself in both nutrition and movement. And then it’s kind of blossomed into sharing about motherhood, and more of my journey as a group fitness instructor. And cooking with my kids. I love bringing them into the kitchen with me. One, because I think it’s so important to show them where our food comes from. And also so that they can start to be comfortable in the kitchen. And it’s just one of my favorite places to bond with them. They get excited. So I’ve been sharing about that more recently on my blog, as well. And I have more things coming in the near future for that, as well.<br> <br> Cassy Joy: Well that’s exciting! What a tease.<br> <br> Heather England: {laughs}<br> <br> Cassy Joy: I would love it if you could chat a little bit about; let’s say there’s a mama, or a papa, listening out there who is thinking yes. I like this idea. But how do you actually make it happen? Because when you think about dinner time. Maybe it’s a scramble! Maybe you're getting home from work; and you're thinking; are you kidding me? I just need to get dinner on the table before there are any melt downs.<br> <br>