Ty Manegold: ROAM fitness


Summary: Ty is the co-founder of ROAM fitness which is a gym in the middle of the airport! That's right, you can work out, shower up, and get on with your travel arrangements. We talk about how the concept came up and what kind of red tape Ty has to go through to make fitness accessible in the airports. Ty and his co-founder (Cynthia Sandall) met in grad school where they came up with the concept. They wanted to make sure that the gym would be located past airport security so people on layovers wouldn't have to leave and go back through. They then had to get a very rigid industry to see that not everyone wants to drink and eat the whole time they are waiting for their flights. They came up with the genius idea to have shoes and clothes available for rent (at no extra cost) for those of us who don't travel in our gym wear. Then they put luxury shower rooms to freshen up. (Not gonna lie, I would go just for the shower if I didn't have time to workout). Ty's piece of advise at the end is golden. Try to make the airport experience the least anxiety provoking possible. It's the little things that make the experience enjoyable. Also, leave the booze for the destination, not the journey. That stuff with dehydrate you right out. Visit www.roamfitness.com for more information