Business After Baby I Empowered Mama 165

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Summary: Does your career no longer fit your life because your a mom? Have you dreamt of starting your own business, but you just don’t know where to start? This was me, 17 years ago, when I became a mom. Now it’s my mission to help all moms find careers that integrate with life instead of versus life. In this episode, I’ll help you explore various opportunities from direct marketing to franchising. This is The Empowered Mama Podcast. Links for Lisa MamaWell: FIT4MOM website The Empowered Mama Podcast The Empowered Mama Book Lisa Druxman's Website Get your free trial of Audible to listen to Derek Sivers book and many more. Sites to help you connect to flexible employment opportunities FIT4MOM Franchise Hiremymom Momcorps Thank you for listening today, and every day that you join me. As always, if there is someone you want me to interview or a topic you want me to talk about, just send me an email to I know how busy you are, but if you could just take a moment to review the show on iTunes or Stitcher, it would mean the world to me. Think of it like leaving a little tip for your barista. If you liked this episode share it. Super easy to do! Use #EmpoweredMama so that I can thank you!