Healthy Living Isn’t Nuttzo With Empowered Mama Danielle Dietz-LiVolsi | Empowered Mama 166

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Summary: They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Seems to me that motherhood is the inspiration for invention. My guest today turned her nut butter idea into a million dollar business. She created her nut butters for her two adopted boys from the Ukraine. Find out why they are the best butter and how she does the motherhood. Danielle’s Favorite Quote: Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. - Anne Lamott If Danielle were to get a tattoo with one word that she valued, what would it be? Abundance Danielle’s Book Recommendation: The Great Alone - Kristin Hannah Links: EmpoweredMama2018 for 25% online orders until 8/30/18 @ The Empowered Mama is part of the Parents On Demand Network. The Parents On Demand Network is a collection of podcasts with content specifically created for families. Through the POD website and network app, parents can easily find and subscribe to programming that’s specific to their family’s interests and needs. Links for Lisa MamaWell: FIT4MOM website The Empowered Mama Book Lisa Druxman's Website Thank you for listening today, and every day that you join me. As always, if there is someone you want me to interview or a topic you want me to talk about, just send me an email to I know how busy you are, but if you could just take a moment to review the show on iTunes or Stitcher, it would mean the world to me. Think of it like leaving a little tip for your barista. If you liked this episode share it. Super easy to do! Use #EmpoweredMama so that I can thank you!