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Summary: Andrei Tarasenco, born in East Europe, educated in Sweden, and living in Canada since 2007, his life has been stimulating, challenging, and full of business adventures.<br> Over the years Andrei Tarasenco has created a number of entrepreneurial startups from consulting services, restaurants, software, international trading services to Oil Sands industry company.<br> Establishing and growing businesses in various industries provided a great wealth of knowledge and skills that he is able to share and contribute to as a business advisor, public speaker, and leader.<br> Having to move so many times through Europe and America, Andrei believes in the power of starting over, the continuous opportunity for reinvention, and the joy of pursuing life.<br> What he also learned is that to accomplish great things we must not only dream but also act, not only believe but also plan.<br>  <br> In 1987 at age of 8, Andrei Tarasenco started his 1st business, car washing service with a bucket and soap.<br> since that time Acquired over 20 million investments in different startups 31.5 years in,<br> Andrei Tarasenco the Keto Tutor has:<br> ♥ Over 100 successful business build<br> ♥ Over 100 million in sales<br> ♥ Been in Love for the last 20 years with the same wonderful woman<br> ♥ Father of 3 Kids<br> ♥ Pro Athlete. Grappler/ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt<br>  <br> keto coaching<br> The story behind Ketonifi! Why KETO?<br> Keto in Business!<br> Why Keto Coaching?<br> My Keto day!<br> Andrei’s Books:<br> Miracle Mornings<br>  <br>  <br> Some juicy keywords:<br> keto diet, keto diet menu, keto coaching, ketogenic, weight loss<br>  <br> Where to find Andrei:<br> www.ketonifi.com<br> https://www.instagram.com/getketonifi/<br> https://www.facebook.com/ketonifi<br> www.ketobook.online<br>  <br>