Produce Disruptors: Trade, Transportation and Technology - LIVE! From the CPMA Trade Show Floor

Produce Talks show

Summary: This month on Produce Talks we’re bringing you to our Learning Lounge on the CPMA Trade Show Floor for the session on produce disruptors. NAFTA, ELDs, and other acronyms are having huge impacts on how businesses need to approach trade, transportation, and technology. So how do we mitigate these produce disruptors and ensure we’re prepared for what’s to come? Our panel of senior industry executives debate what they see as the essential details that companies need to pay attention to moving forward. This panel featured Brent Lloyd, The Star Group, Guy Milette, Courchesne Larose Ltée, Stewart Lapage, The Oppenheimer Group and was hosted by Alison Robertson, Ontario Fruit and Vegetable Growers’ Association   Play the Podcast Thank you to our podcast sponsor, NatureFresh™ Farms. Remember, if you have an idea for a podcast we want to hear from you. You can subscribe to the podcast.