A Tribute to Samuel Blumenfeld, 1926-2015, The Final Radio Interview

Liberty Conspiracy show

Summary: Sam Blumenfeld was the single most educated man on the subject of the takeover of a formerly excellent private US education system by a statist, Prussian-styled, progressive system. He championed phonetic reading, and uncovered the disastrous effects and pernicious motives behind the "look-say"/"sight-word" method of reading pushed by govt schools. Sam also researched and wrote a book about the evidence supporting the thesis that the plays attributed to William Shakespeare were actually written by Christopher Marlowe, who did NOT die outside a pub in England, but lived out his life on Corsica, as a paid employee of the Queen. Fascinating, evidence-backed publications, speeches, and conversations. Sam also understood free market economics, and wrote numerous articles on a wide range of topics. He was a man of peace and kindness, and he was a hero for thousands of kids whose reading skills improved thanks to his work in promotion of phonics! Rest in peace, good man! We hope you will look for Sam's books, such as "The Marlow Shakespeare Connection", "Is Public Education Necessary?", "NEA: Trojan Horse of American Education", "Alpha-Phonics" and more. Also, please look for his speeches on Youtube! His latest book was released in March, and is entitled, "Crimes of the Educators". In this production, we feature his last interview, in which he discusses the book. Thanks for listening! Please spread the word about individual liberty and its key component: free markets! Be Seeing You!