Chapter 6: Little Bird Told Me: A Mystic Serial Podcast Novel and Audio Book

Little Bird Told Me: A Mystic Podcast Novel and Audio Book show

Summary: Hello. This is the author, John Rhodes, and this is the sixth chapter of my San Francisco podcast novel and free audio book: “Little Bird Told Me”, entitled “Amateur Telescopes”. For a period in my life I used to build amateur telescopes and that is what inspired this chapter. The bit about the Hubble Space Telescope not being parabolized, and most amateur telescope makers knowing better than to not parabolize their mirrors is absolutely true. I made two telescopes, both of which I parabolized. This story is not biographical per se, but I used my life as a stage on which I launched my writings. I have talked to very few writers who didn’t use some plots or characters from their own lives in their writings. You’ll have to kill me to get the real truth out of me though.It is 23 chapters, so it will be a while before you get to the end on this podcast. If you don’t buy it, please pay for it by telling as many friends as you can about it. What ever you do, enjoy. If I know how to read my audio editing software right, it is about eight minutes. Peace.