Bonus Episode - After RUMU with Skowalz

The Deep Dive show

Summary: This is the bonus content for our episode of RUMU, which contains a small discussion that we had after we recorded our episode, with some scarier questions. <br> <br> You can learn more about the game at <a href=""></a>, or follow the developers at <a href="">@rumutweets</a>. You can also visit Skowalz on Twitter <a href="">@skowalz</a> or her <a href="">Twitch channel</a>, where she plays games like RUMU with viewers. <br> <br> The Deep Dive Podcast releases new episodes every Monday morning at 7am EST and are also <a href="">streamed on Twitch</a> so listeners can have a discussion with us as the episode is released. Come dive in! We can also be found on <a href="">Twitter</a> and <a href="">Instagram</a> @deepdivecast, <a href="">Patreon</a>, and our very own <a href=""></a>.