Kate Walsh Talks 13 Reasons Why, Season 2

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Summary: Actress Kate Walsh discusses the importance of parents and kids watching 13 Reasons Why together.Netflix series 13 Reasons Why addresses a young woman’s suicide (Hannah) and how it affects those left behind. The second season delves into the impact of her death and the ripple effect it creates. Actress Kate Walsh portrays Hannah’s mother, dealing with the aftermath of the young lady’s decision to take her own life. Kate wanted to honor parents who had been through a similar situation with her performance.  Kate encourages parents and children to watch the series together. Mental health, gender bias, racism and homophobia plague our society. Thirteen Reasons Why provides an opportunity for parents to converse with their children about the ugliness in the world, encouraging them to find healing, hope and solutions. Listen as Kate joins host Lisa Davis to share more about 13 Reasons Why season two, how she’s making her 50s fabulous, and her thoughts on #MeToo in Hollywood.