Episode 18-10 TN Health – Better Tech for Cancer + Zika

TechNation Radio Podcast show

Summary: On this week’s Tech Nation, a full hour of Tech Nation Health, reimagining the future of health and healthcare with the emergence of new technologies. DR. DANIEL KRAFT, Chief Correspondent for Tech Nation Health talks about the future of Surgery and Other Interventions. Purdue Professor, DR. PHIL LOW, the Director of Purdue Center for Drug Discovery and Chief Scientific Officer of Endocyte, talks about why it’s hard to surgically remove all the cancerous tissue, and a technology that can change that. And DR. RICHARD KUHN, the Director of the Purdue Institute for Inflammation, Immunology and Infectious Disease. He was the first to discover the structure of the Zika virus, and he compares it to other viruses, like Polio and HIV.