LESSONS I've Learned As Approach 35

Myleik Teele's Podcast show

Summary: I will be 35 in exactly ONE month and this what I've learned as I approach my personal New Year: 1. It takes EFFORT to be happy. 2. Never settling doesn't make you crazy. 3. I feel better when I support other women. 4. My physical health is as important as my mental health. 5. "NO" is a complete sentence. 6. It's OK to be my biggest fan. 7. I don't HAVE to know everything or even close to it. 8. Traveling ignites something inexplicable in me. 9. My purpose has always been here, my platform puts more of an exclamation point on it! 10. Sometimes the most THOROUGH and CONSISTENT love is TOUGH! It's hard to recognize it because it's TOUGH. But it's still LOVE!