SHAG 3-July-2017-Soulful Afro House

DJP's S.H.A.G. Soulful House And Garage live Radio show on show

Summary: Soulful House and Garage Recorded live on Pressure Radio the best in Soulful Afro House Music. I had a few technical problems during this show so the recording got split into a few parts which i managed to stitch back together :) PLAYLIST # Artist - Title 1 Claude-9 Morupisi, Power, MozDeep - When I First Saw You (MozDeep SoulMix) [Feat. Power] 2 DJ Lamor - Happiness (Original Mix) 3 Djeff Afrozila, Miranda Nicole - Alright (Radio Mix) 4 Soul Chap, Deeper Beats - Its All About Passion 5 Thee Gobbs, Kabomo - Time to Rise (Sean McCabe Remix) 6 UC Beatz - Fool In Love (Original Mix) 7 Tevo Howard, Tracey Thorn, Ron Trent - Without Me (Ron Trent’s Music And Power Mix) 8 Thee Gobbs, Kabomo - Time to Rise (feat. Kabomo) 9 Twizi Deep, Kai Mof, Steve Paradise, Beppe Corazza - Quite Inside (Paradise Piano Mix) 10 Magnifik, Andrea Kirwin - Any Given Sunday (Original) 11 Julius The Mad Thinker, Pleasure Prince, Russoul, Alpha & Omega - Born To Do It (Alpha & Omega Rewired Mix) 12 K'Alexi Shelby, Robert Owens, Mike Dunn - Downtown (Mike Dunn Michigan Ave. Mixx) 13 M.M.B, Buder Prince, Malaisha - Do What You Gotta Do (Buder Prince & Malaisha Remix) 14 Deephoodsoul, Brian Shonna - Tariro (Original Mix) 15 Paul B - No Feelings (Radio Edit Mix) 16 Thee Gobbs, Nolly Nolz - Wild and Free (feat. Nolly Nolz) 17 Kenya, Nemor, Fromwood - You Know How It Goes (Fromwood Orange Remix) 18 Vangela Crowe, Corey Holmes, Jihad Muhammad - Butterfly (Bang The Drum Vamp Mix) 19 Anya V, M. Caporale - You Could Be (Original Mix) 20 Paris Cesvette - Love To Give (Original Mix) Subscribe: Podomatic Itunes Catch DJP Live every Monday 10pm Uk time on Pressure Radio Brand New Website