Rick Ross - The Devil Is A Lie (God's People Don't Tithe!)

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Summary: Rick Ross - The Devil Is A Lie,Tithe,Tithing,Rick Ross,The Devil Is A Lie,Jay Z DOWNLOAD OUR LATEST SONG TO SUPPORT THIS MINISTRY: http://adf.ly/1621328/god-forgives-amazon     NC     CLICK AND WATCH THE VIDEO HERE!!!!   Tithe, To tithe, Don't Tithe because God's true people don't. Minister Stevie Tee of CitySide Ministries preaches a powerful message through Christian Rap/Gospel music to win souls over to God with the truth on tithing. Many think that giving 10% of their income is being obedient but it's not because they are spitting on why Christ died and that was for grace and as stated by Apostle Paul in Galatians that he do not sit aside grace for the law which tithing was of. Many say Jesus didn't get rid of the law but God himself did in Hebrews Chapter 8 as He stated that the new covenant will not be like the last and when christ died the covenant was sealed to give us grace. This song should be downloaded and shared with family, church and friends because once listeners get this of the new covenant they will know how to live from the spirit.