DHCT - Mashup In Da Place!!!

Dome Head Crop Tarts - Twisted Electro House show

Summary: This was recorded for Kick106 Radio  expect to find a little bit of  Scratchin,  Hip hop, Electro, Funk, Soul, Pop and Breaks plus Grime, Dubstep, House and Balitmore Funk! All round good old mashup!Tracklisting 01. Uknown - Dj Z Trip02. I Get in the Club - Girl and Boy03. Dibby DJ - The Count of Monte Cristal04. You Know Me Better - Roisin Murphy (Trevor Lovey dub)05. Alarm Bells - Action Man06. Like This - SeSa (Sinden and The Count of Monte Cristal)07. Tamborzuda - Sinden and The Count of Monte Cristal08. Bounce that Arse - The Count of Monte Cristal09. Unknown - Hostage Vs New Young Pong Vs Herve Vs Micheal Jackson10. You Got The Love - Source (Kelevra Remix)11. This is the Love - Cruses (Drop the Lime Remix)12. Push it - Salt n Pepa (Scottie B remix)13. J'Ai to Aime - Phunk Sinatra14. The Traffic Jam - Stephen Marley15. Get Down - DJ Z Trip (Dj Zeph Remix)16. So Dam Fresh - Nick Fonkinson17. Think Back - Chali 2na18. Turn It Out - J519. Call Me Goldfinger - Pepe Deluxe20. Whalestep - Stickybuds21. How You Like Me Now - Beat Monkeys (Rico Tubbs Gangster's Remix)22. Dominator - BMore (Rico Tubbs Remix)23. Space Drums - Bomba Tota24. Under Your Skin - Action Man