Wyrd Ways Rock Show 4th June 2018

The Wyrd Ways Rock Show show

Summary: Yes, the next edition of The Wyrd Ways Rock Show has finally arrived. Some of you probably thought you'd never be hearing my dulcet tones again. Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm back. Anyway, there's been a fair amount of music been released during the last few months, so you'll be getting to hear just some of the things that caught my ear. I can't guarantee something for everyone, but if you've got similar tastes to me, you'll love it. As well as all the wonderful new(ish)ness from your more established bands, you'll also find three bands you've almost certainly never heard before in Shock Of The New and this week's Record Of The Week. If you want to find out what that is... well, if you could scroll down to the playlist, but you'll only be cheating yourself. You'll also make me very disappointed in you. Don't be that person. You owe it to yourself.