Episode 62 - AustCyber's Knowledge Priorities - Interview with Mike Bareja, Program Manager - National Network

Cyber Security Weekly Podcast show

Summary:   In this interview, Morry Morgan speaks with Mike Bareja, Program Manager - National Network at AustCyber (https://www.austcyber.com/)- The Australian Cyber Security Growth Network Ltd following his presentation at CIVSEC 2018 in Melbourne. Mike outlines AustCyber’s Cyber Security Sector Competitiveness Plan (https://www.austcyber.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Cyber-Security-SCP-April2017.pdf) and the 5 DARPA (https://www.darpa.mil/) Grand Challenges or Knowledge Priorities (https://www.austcyber.com/cyber-security-sector-competitiveness-plan/appendix-industry-knowledge-priorities/), where resources and attention are focused on: · Emerging prevention, detection and response technologies; · Identity, authentication and authorisation in the cyber domain; · Ensuring security, privacy, trust and ethical use of emerging technologies and services; and · Approaches to deal with the increasingly ‘shared’ responsibility of cyber security. Funding of $15M over 4 years is available for industry-led, collaborative projects that address the key issues from the Industry Knowledge Priorities. Recorded 2 May 2018 at CIVSEC 2018 Cyber Pitch event in Melbourne.