Episode 69 - Moving The Dial: Measuring The Relationship Between The User And Their Activity On A Machine: Interview with Jeff Paine, CEO & Founder, ResponSight

Cyber Security Weekly Podcast show

Summary: In this interview, Chris Cubbage talks to Jeff Paine, CEO and Founder of ResponSight, a three year old Australian start-up that elevates enterprises away from focusing on technology alone, and looks at the link between the technology and user. Statistical and telemetry based, ResonSight has a lightweight  footprint in its risk analytics and risk profiling outcomes that help enterprises make decisions. Chris and Jeff talk about the three key components, the ResponSight Collector, ResponSight Aggregator and ResponSight Cloud Service, each working in conjunction. By combining large volumes of raw numerical telemetry and selected metrics, it’s possible to build activity and behaviour profiles about users and their devices, without ever knowing who that user is or what that device is. This also provides the ability to profile the organisation's risk at a point in time, and over time. The design philosophy is to not collect private or sensitive data. There isn’t a need for rich and potentially sensitive data for security. It has been proposed security and risk technologies currently collect too much data, often not required or potentially not even valid anyway. Responsight does all of the analytics through analysing the statistical telemetry data that comes from the hardware itself, largely ignoring the operating system. This is a great podcast for enterprises, particularly those in financial services, critical infrastructure, professional services, and government. If you have a large employee or user bases, and are responsible for containing risk in a mobile workforce, then this is the podcast for you. Read the full article (https://australiancybersecuritymagazine.com.au/moving-the-dial-measuring-the-relationship-between-the-user-and-their-activity-on-a-machine-executive-editors-interview-with-jeff-paine-ceo-founder-responsight/) Visit www.responsight.com (http://www.responsight.com/)