BoF #41 – Making a Good Script Great, author Linda Seger

Business of Film show

Summary: <br> Welcome back to Business of Film, episode 41. We are very fortunate to have <a href="" target="_blank">Linda Seger</a>, author of Making a Good Script Great, on this episode as she shares her insights on film.<br> Linda needs no introduction. Her seminal book on screenwriting is now in its 3rd edition. In this episode we chat:<br> – Where to start.<br><br> – Where does structure play into good film scripts.<br><br> – Independent and low budget filmmaking.<br><br> – Most scripts have a major problem and figuring it out.<br><br> – How many drafts are we talking about here…?<br> We hope you enjoy this episode. Please leave us a review on <a href="" target="_blank">iTunes</a>, it really helps, and we appreciate it. We’ll even send you a digital muffin.<br> <a href=""></a><br> Also, if you have any comments or questions, just write’em below or find us on <a href="" target="_blank">Twitter</a>.<br>