BoF #80 – 19 Questions Every Films Student Should Know

Business of Film show

Summary: <br> Welcome back to Business of Film podcast, episode #80. Today I sit down with a film student in the Creative Industries program at Ryerson University who is specializing in the Business of Film. The interview was filmed and this episode is the unedited complete interview.<br><br> <br> Here’s a list the questions asked and answered on the episode:<br> 1) What motivated you to work in the film industry? (1:55)<br> 2) How did you get your first job in film (3:17)<br> 3) What are the roles and responsibilities of a producer (6:08)<br> 4) What is an Option (8:00)<br> 5) What is the job of the producer, part 2 (9:45)<br> 6) What is the producers relationship with cast/crew (12:02)<br> 7) What is an Executive Producer (13:30)<br> 8) What do you take away from your experiences a producer (17:00)<br> 9) What is your favorite part of being a producer (18:00)<br> 10) Least favorite part of being a producer (19:08)<br> 11) On starting a production company (24:10)<br> 12) Freelancing vs. Getting a job (26:06)<br> 13) How do you start a production company (28:10)<br> 14) Does Canada have a viable film industry (29:48)<br> 15) How do you find what you want to do (37:30)<br> 16) Strategies for getting into the film business (38:38)<br> 17) How do you negotiate for film rights (43:00)<br> 18) Tips on negotiation for film rights (46:30)<br> 19) Why be a producer? (48:30)<br> Here’s the complete video of the interview:<br> <br><br> <a href=""></a><br> Also, if you have any comments or questions, just write’em below or find us on <a href="" target="_blank">Twitter</a>.<br>