Episode Six: The Gearheads talk paint with Mick Jenkins

The Round Six Podcast show

Summary: HE’S NOT A “CUSTOM” PAINTER. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE.<br><br> <br> The Round Six Gearheads sat down with painter Mick Jenkins for an hour of paint talk.<br> In Episode Six, we discuss the latest tools and techniques, the time and effort required to paint cars at the AMBR and Ridler level, and even wax a bit nostalgic.<br> We laughed, we learned, and we asked a ton of questions that Mick was kind enough to answer. Even after Brian called him Mick Jagger. And Mickey Dolenz.<br> THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE:<br> <br> * The difference between a painter and a custom painter<br> * The Pure Vision ’57 Ford wagon’s SEMA debut<br> * Mick hints at a Ridler project in the shop<br> * Brian coins a phrase<br> * Rare and notable cars<br> * Mick’s favorite project: The Anvil Mustang from Fast and Furious<br> * The guys do their homework<br> * The time required to turn out an AMBR-winning finish<br> * The fine line between passion and a job<br> * The difference between hot rodding in England VS the United States<br> * Working from a great career to going back to starting at rung one<br> * Starting out in the US with Dan Fink, Chip Foose, So-Cal and more<br> * Mick’s personal roadster project<br> * Working to a level and not wishing to back down from it<br> * Staffing a high-end shop with the right personnel<br> * The importance of being one’s worst critic, but in moderation<br> * The continual evolution of paint quality<br> * Advancements in paint materials and chemistry<br> <br>