03. Crossing the Green Line, Part 2: Palestinian

Intractable show

Summary: In our third episode, the second in a two-part series on identity, Skyler asks what it means to be Palestinian. To what extent is Palestinian culture shaped by the conflict, and the Israeli military control of the Palestinian Territories? How have the past 70 years changed the way Palestinians view their future and their fate? And how do artists play a role in preserving and documenting the culture and narrative of the Palestinian people? We return to Yvonne Saba from Episode 2, and talk to her about the Palestinian music scene. Skyler travels to Jenin to tell the complicated, bloody story of a theater movement that rose from the ashes of the Second Intifada, and of the price its founder paid. Stand-up comedian Amer Zahr talks about his perspectives as a member of the sizeable Palestinian diaspora, and we speak with a sublime and surprising young woman named Elham. Like what you hear? Subscribe, rate, and review us! And, of course, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!