AvTalk Episode 30: Engine Trouble

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Summary: On this episode of AvTalk, we take an in depth look at Southwest flight 1380, including some of the media coverage after the accident. And we talk to <a href="https://twitter.com/jonostrower">Jon Ostrower</a> about the new Emergency Airworthiness Directive requiring inspections of the CFM56-7B engine. We also see how engine issues are affecting the 787-9 and we try to best Airbus in a rebranding of the C Series.<br> <br> <a href="https://blog.flightradar24.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/AvTalk-Episode-30-Engine-Trouble.pdf">Download a transcript of this episode</a><br> <br> Southwest flight 1380<br> On 17 April 2018, <a href="https://blog.flightradar24.com/blog/flightradar24-data-related-to-southwest-airlines-flight-1380/">Southwest Airlines flight 1380</a> from New York to Dallas suffered an uncontained engine failure of the number 1 engine. The aircraft diverted safely to Philadelphia. Debris from the engine impacted the fuselage, breaking one of the cabin windows, and leading to the death of one passenger. We discuss the accident, how it has been covered in the media, and we talk to Jon Ostrower about the ongoing efforts to ensure a similar accident does not occur.<br> <a href="http://rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgad.nsf/AOCADSearch/6DE148FE35DDEDDB8625827500759AA4?OpenDocument">FAA Emergency Airworthiness Directive regarding CFM56-7B engines</a><br> <a href="https://ad.easa.europa.eu/ad/2018-0093-E">EASA Airworthiness Directive regarding CFM56-7B engines</a><br> <a href="https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2017/08/25/2017-17828/airworthiness-directives-cfm-international-sa-turbofan-engines">Previously proposed FAA AD regarding CFM56-7B engines</a><br> Rolls Royce Trent 1000<br> Engine issues are also plaguing the Rolls Royce Trent 1000 engine, which powers roughly a quarter of the 787-9 fleet. The need for inspections and remediation has led to multiple airlines, including Air New Zealand, Virgin Atlantic, LATAM, and British Airways to find workarounds to keep their operations running. Some airlines have employed wet leases while others are bringing retired aircraft out of storage.<br> <a href="https://ad.easa.europa.eu/ad/2018-0084R1">EASA Airworthiness Directive regarding Trent 1000 engines</a><br> Help us rebrand the C Series<br> Now that it has acquired the  C Series, Airbus is considering rebranding the aircraft to fit in with the rest of the Airbus family of aircraft. The reported proposal will see the CS100 and the CS330 renamed as the A210 and A230, respectively. We think you can do better. Email us with your suggestions for what you think Airbus should call the C Series.<br> Let us know what you think<br> Like the podcast? Have suggestions for future shows? Let us know by leaving us a <a href="https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/avtalk-aviation-podcast/id1215571407?mt=2">review on iTunes</a>. Reviews on iTunes not only help us make a better show, they help more people find the podcast! Want to send us additional feedback, just <a href="mailto:podcast@fr24.com">email us</a>.<br>