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Sex is Medicine with Devi Ward show

Summary: Our results-fixated culture can lead to an achievement-oriented sexual identity, experience and mind-set where the focus is on our fruits. Sexual wholeness and embodying our sexual/spiritual consciousness invites a restoration from the roots of our nervous system, through the safety of inhabiting our trunks, and nourishing the open flow of energy through our branches. in order for our genitalia to enjoy the fruits of our embodiment, presence, and loving. Join Devi and her guest Rahi Chun of Somatic Sexual Wholeness as they dive into what cultivating sexual wholness looks like. Learn: 1- Why our Sexual Issues are really our Soul Issues 2- How our early attachment deficits affect our nervous system 3- How a lack of early relational attachment in infancy affects our sense of sexual sovereignty and empowerment 4- How our earliest wiring or associations with sexual arousal/pleasure can create blueprints for our adult patterns, behaviors and fetishes 5- Presence and Safety and the power of re-imprinting new embodied stories to heal from, and leave past violations in the past. + much, much, much more! Join us live @7pm on CTR Network! RAHI CHUN | SOMATIC SEXUAL WHOLNESS Rahi Chun’s purpose was birthed from the tactile awareness he received to heal his crooked legs as an infant, combined with his practices of meditation in the Zen temples of Japan, and living at the Buddhist monastery Wat Ram Peung in Northern Thailand. His experiences of witnessing the spontaneous release of the body’s chronic guarding patterns from embodied presence and intentional touch followed by its expansion of life force energies encouraged his studies in the Taoist and Tantric traditions of intentionally circulating sexual energy for healing and consciousness. He has since combined his Master’s in Spiritual Psychology, with his certifications in TRE (Trauma Release Exercises), NeuroAffective Touch and Sexological Bodywork in offering Somatic Sexual Wholeness a mind/body/spirit integrated approach to sexual health and well-being. SSW is sequenced intentionally to first address the early attachment relational deficits affecting the nervous system and its chronic guarding patterns, before restoring an empowered voice/choice often missing in our adolescence within the client, after which any genital armouring/trauma/conditioned patterns are resolved for an expansion in sexual freedom, pleasure, and wholeness.