Ep49 Woody Woods, Author of Conquer Your Dragons, On Overcoming Obstacles in Life

The Virtual Couch show

Summary: Adam Friday “Woody” Woods is a motivational speaker, and author of the book Conquer Your Dragons. Conquer Your Dragons is an inspirational children's story done in rhyme. In the story, a boy falls asleep and has a weird and wild dream where he encounters a dragon. The dragon intimidates him and scares him. It yells, screams, and threatens the boy. He comes to the conclusion that the only thing he can do his fight his way through. So he dons his armor and charges the dragon head on. The battle is intense, but (spoiler alert!) the boy is victorious! After he wakes from his dream, he begins to figure out what the dragon represents in his life. Conquer Your Dragons is not only a fun, entertaining, rhyming, adventure story, but also a fantastic fable with many underlying principles to teach our children (and perhaps even adults) to recognize that the dragons we face do not have to control us. The story was written to provide hope that we can conquer and overcome any challenge that gets in our way. You can find out more about the book, Woody, and his program designed to help motivate and inspire people to identify and conquer their own dragons at https://adamfridaywoods.com/ Also in the episode Woody share the story of Mandy Harvey, you can find her website here https://mandyharveymusic.com/ and her inspirational performance on America’s Got Talent here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKSWXzAnVe0 And as per usual, this episode is brought to you by Bloom for Women. Bloom offers online programs, expert help, and an empathetic community to help women heal, strengthen, and grow past the trauma of infidelity and betrayal whether it be betrayal from a spouse who has a pornography or sex addiction, or from the emotional betrayal of an affair. Please visit https://www.bloomforwomen.com/ref/virtualcouch and use coupon code virtualcouch for one month of free access to their evidence-based programs, and community designed to help heal, and recover from betrayal trauma. This episode is also brought to you by the fine folks at Eli’s Extracts all-natural, organic shave cream, visit http://elis-extracts.com and use coupon code “virtualcouch” for 25% off of your entire order of their all-natural, organic shave creams scented with essential oils. And please visit http://pathbackrecovery.com Tony's online pornography addiction recovery program for his ebook about the 5 mistakes people make when trying to rid themselves from pornography addiction.