Ep48 BONUS EPISODE Tony Overbay’s Appearance on Jody Moore’s Better than Happy Podcast

The Virtual Couch show

Summary: On March 9th, 2018 I had the privilege of being interviewed by Jody Moore on her incredibly successful podcast Better Than Happy. I wanted to make this episode available to my listeners who may not be familiar with Jody’s podcast. You can find out more about Jody at http://jodymoore.com or http://boldnewmom.com Video of this interview is located on the Virtual Couch YouTube page here https://youtu.be/aDwxdkuu-0A Here’s the description of the episode from Jody’s podcast page. “Today I’m talking with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Tony Overbay about narcissism, depression and anxiety, and his advice to couples struggling in their marriages. Tony is so insightful and as you’ll see, he never takes himself too seriously. Please enjoy this episode where we dive into these topics and more. To learn more about Tony visit http://tonyoverbay.com