One Minute of Rocky at a Time

Proudly Resents: The cult movie podcast show

Summary: Usually, we review an entire movie. But recently I got to be a guest on “<a href="">Rocky Minute”</a> The daily podcast in which hosts Doug Greenberg and Jason Hanes knockout the Rocky films one minute at a time. Apparently, <a href="">Dueling Genre</a> is a whole network of shows that are just people analyzing a movie 60 seconds at a clip.<br> Thanks to <a href="">past guest</a> and FOH (friend of the host), <a href="">Paul Sullivan</a>, I got to be on three days in a row. I had a good time. All three episodes are a fun listen. Here are one or two episodes that I was on. Not sure how many I’ll post. But please check them out and take a listen.<br> Here’s a review of<a href=""> “Rocky IV”</a> I did on this show with <a href="">Adam Felber</a> and <a href="">Rico Gagliano. </a><br> <br>  <br>