134: Eddie Montgomery Opens Up About the Death of Troy Gentry, Their New Album, His Upcoming Tour & More

NCD Writers Room show

Summary: **Jim Casey talks with Montgomery Gentry's Eddie Montgomery about:** • the death of his longtime friend and duo partner Troy Gentry • the little things that remind him of Troy • the good times he and Troy shared during their early days onstage • the first time he met Troy • putting the Montgomery Gentry duo together • MG's new album, "Here's to You," which drops on Feb. 2 • playing "Better Me" at Troy's celebration of life at the Grand Ole Opry • Troy's vocals on the new album • recording his first love song, "All Hell Broke Loose" • quintessential MG song, "Needling a Beer" • his working-class mentality • some of the great songwriters featured on the album • going through thousands of songs to pick the album's 12 songs • kicking off his Here's to You Tour in February • performing onstage without Troy • carrying on the Montgomery Gentry name **Participants:** • Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry • Jim Casey, NCD editor in chief