142: Trent Harmon Talks "Idol" Days, Losing His Hats, Releasing a New Single, Upcoming Album & More

NCD Writers Room show

Summary: **Jim Casey talks with Trent Harmon about:** • winning "American Idol" in 2016 • his musical influences growing up in Amory, Mississippi, including Elvis and Marty Robbins • learning piano and guitar at a young age • losing his hats in Memphis • studying history in college • his label struggles after "American Idol" • focusing on songwriting • releasing his new single, "You Got ’Em All"  • his longtime girlfriend moving to Thailand and back • working on his upcoming debut album • touring and playing summer festivals • the possibility of appearing on the re-booted "American Idol" **Show Participants:** • Trent Harmon • Jim Casey, NCD editor in chief