Superhero Time Presents: That One Episode Of Star Trek “Threshold”

Superhero Time and That One Episode of Star Trek show

Summary: The Last One Episode of Star Trek! Voyager's infamous space salamanders episode Threshold marks the 100th episode, and the finale of That One Episode of Star Trek. This is the episode that set the pattern for 99 previous podcasts, and what a ride it's been! What have we seen in this time? Well, jump in to the full post and let's find out!<br> <br> WARNING: Explicit language<br> <br> <br> <br> Since June of 2015, we've gone all across the rich expanse of what Star Trek has to offer, spanning from Planet Africa, Neelix having his lifelong faith painfully stripped away (not to mention his lungs), Nog losing a leg, Piglet being Jack The Ripper and making Scotty murder whores, a comprehensive(?) analysis of the complete run of Star Trek The Animated series, and probably even a movie or two. Oh, and let's not forget the most recent contribution: Powering a starship's experimental drive system with shrooms.<br> <br> It's been a long road, getting from there to here. It's been a long time, but my time is finally here. I can see my dream come alive at last: The podcast is saying good bye. From all of us who have taken part in bringing you Superhero Time in whatever form for the past 8 years (the day of posting is the anniversary of our first episode debut!) thanks for sticking with us! Your loyalty has baffled us for most of a decade. We hope you've enjoyed what we've had to offer, but expect that you probably didn't. And we're perfectly okay with that.<br> <br> And thank you to my friends who joined me in hosting, and the friends I made in the course of this, HeyMickey, Paladin, FortMax, Ken (You know. Oil), Scott, and of course the late JD Church who still lives on in our memories just as vividly as if he was still with us today. We'd also like to thank the guests who joined us on occasion. Some of you were even worth inviting back. And some of you I invited back anyway. You have all contributed to what has been an experience I will ...maybe not treasure, exactly, but it's certainly a period of my life that has left a lasting mark on who I am. Like getting stabbed in the butt, but more painful.<br> <br> Good night everybody!<br> <br> From the minds that brought you Superhero Time, the internet's most offensive podcast about children's TV shows, comes That One Episode of Star Trek. Because even when tokusatsu stops being fun, we can always rip Star Trek a new one.<br> <br>