MYST 156: Desserts

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Summary: I hope that you make desserts an occasional part of your weight loss journey. But you may need to follow four simple rules:<br> <br> * Occasional<br> * Planned<br> * Delicious<br> * Portion-Controlled<br> <br> <a href=""></a><br> Photo via <a href=""></a> by <a href="">Catkin</a><br> My Rice Pudding Recipe<br> <br> * 1 quart whole milk<br> * 1/4 cup long grain rice (uncooked)<br> * 2 tablespoons sugar (you can use Splenda if you want–I choose to use Splenda so the calories reflect that choice.)<br> * 1 teaspoon vanilla<br> * 1/4 cup raisins (optional–I don’t use them)<br> * Cinnamon<br> <br> <br> * Preheat oven to 300F<br> * Spray a 1.5 quart baking dish with cooking spray<br> * Pour milk into dish. Add sugar and rice. Stir.<br> * Bake uncovered for 2-3 hours (a larger and shallower dish will need less time than a deeper dish.)<br> * Stir every hour (to mix in the “skin” that will form–this is optional)<br> * After 2 hours, stir in the vanilla and raisins. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top. Bake for 30 more minutes (or until the texture is thick enough to your preference.<br> <br> The exact time will vary for everyone. Altitude, humidity, the type of rice, the depth of the dish will all play a factor in determining total cooking time. Personally, I assume it will take 3 hours, and I give it a stir twice while baking.<br> This can be served warm or cold.<br> For six portions (approximately 1/2 cup each):<br> <br> * Calories:      126<br> * Fat:                5.3g<br> * Sat fat:             3g<br> * Chol:        16.3mg<br> * Sodium:   69.9mg<br> * Carbs:         13.8g<br> * Sugar:           8.6g<br> * Fiber:            0<br> * Protein          5.6g<br> <br> Using 2% milk would only reduce total calories by 10 per serving. Skim milk would make each serving 93 calories (but I’ve never made the recipe using skim milk, so I cannot guarantee the end result.) If you only make this occasionally, I’d suggest using whole milk and just enjoying the richness of it.<br> A note about vanilla. Use REAL vanilla extract, not the artificial kind. The price is worth it. Personally, I find that Penzey’s makes excellent vanilla at a reasonable price, and they offer free shipping for orders more than $30. Here are <a href="">their vanilla options</a>. (This post was not sponsored by Penzey’s and the link is not an “affiliate link”. I’ve been a happy customer of theirs for many years, and I just like spreading their name.)<br> Learn about “Real Ice Cream -v- Faux Cream” here: <a href="">MYST 145</a><br> __________________________<br> Music composed and performed by Jason Shaw, courtesy of<a href=""></a><br> Voiceover courtesy of Matt Young. Matt is a <a href="">professional voiceover artist</a>. If you have any need of voice-over<br> work, for your podcast, radio spot, or whatever, you can reach Matt by a variety of methods. He is on <a href="">LinkedIn</a>. On <a href="">Twitter</a>. And <a href="">Google+</a>. Follow his <a href="">Facebook page</a> to learn how to better use social media. Matt was also my guest on <a href="">MYST 54</a>. Give his story a listen!<br> All images are Creative Commons Zero.<br>