Don Nunley and The "Failure" Of Steve McQueen's Film LeMans

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Summary: Our guest Don Nunley was a longtime Hollywood Property Master who's written an incredible book Steve McQueen-LeMans In The Rear View Mirror. The Book is available now The book features incredible images shot by Mr Nunley plus his personal account of this passion project that McQueen had dreamt about for 10 years. After films like The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape The Thomas Crown Affair and Bullet, MqQueen was dubbed the king of cool and finally had the Hollywood clout to realize his dream of making LeMans. The production was a nightmare and Nunley's book lays out all the frustrating details that destroyed McQueen's relationship with director John Sturges , His marriage, his production company  and nearly cost him his reputation in the industry. We get great behind the scenes insight from Nunley, including the story about his involvement in selecting one of the most famous pieces of movie memorabilia connected to McQueen The Heuer Monaco Watch. Nearly 50 years later it's still a highly sought fashion statement for men of all ages.