Finding Work-Life Balance with Carrie Kerpen

Smart Women Invest show

Summary: <br> Carrie Kerpen of Likeable Media is this episode's special guest. Carrie is the CEO an cofounder of Likeable Media, and the author of the upcoming book "Work It: Stories to Help Women Rise in the Workplace and the World." She's a sought-after keynote speaker and contributor to Forbes and You don't want to miss Carrie's story of how her daughter's request to spend more time with her led her to becoming an entrepreneur. By finding the right work-life balance, Carrie has her house and her business flying high. <br>  <br> Host Michelle McKinnon starts the program with a look at the "Teflon Market" under President Donald Trump. To better understand what is happening in the market, we're reminded that we must look at the fundamentals. Our episode concludes with a question from an investor who wonders if she should put money in her 401k if though her company doesn't offer matching funds. <br>