Partnerships in Missions: How to be Flexible and Humble, with Gena Thomas

Engaging Missions Show - Powerful Stories from Christian Missionaries, Church Planters, and Ministry Leaders show

Summary: If someone were to ask you, “What do people do on short term missions trips?” you might think of evangelism or building projects. But what about encouraging or listening? Gena Thomas makes a returning visit to remind us of the many ways that people can serve through short term missions. <br> <br> During the show, she points out the value of flexibility and humility, especially for the team visiting the long term missionaries. When a team is flexible, it allows for relationships and partnerships to be formed. By serving wholeheartedly, short term teams can bring great encouragement and benefit to the organizations they work with. <br> <br> 00:24 - Episode summary<br> 01:39 - Introduction<br> 02:10 - Involvement with short term missions<br> 02:51 - The benefits of short term missions<br> 03:54 - Stories of trips done right<br> 05:54 - Building relationships and bringing accountability<br> 07:24 - Geared toward relationships<br> 09:02 - Types of short term trips<br> 12:15 - Partnership analysis for trips <br> 13:37 - Avoiding vacations and aiming for ministry<br> 15:24 - Be flexible! <br> 17:04 - The value of walking in grace and humility<br> 18:47 - Asking one question before taking a trip<br> 19:40 - Continuing to build partnerships<br> 20:58 - Accomplishments of relationship<br> 22:47 - Taking the right opportunities <br> 25:00 - Making wise decisions with short term trips<br> 26:39 - Breaking past fear<br> 28:07 - Internet and book resources<br> 29:10 - Ways we can pray for you<br> 31:03 - Podcasts about missions<br> 31:59 - Computer problems and continual growth<br> 35:09 - Final thoughts<br>