Bible Stories and How to Be More Productive in World Missions, with Bryan Thompson

Engaging Missions Show - Powerful Stories from Christian Missionaries, Church Planters, and Ministry Leaders show

Summary: There is something to say about the value of productivity in ministry, especially with short term missions. Bryan Thompson joins us to discuss the importance of using our time wisely and taking advantage of resources in ministry and shares a few productivity tips. <br> <br> He tells stories about trips in Mexico, South Africa, and other places where God used a short term trip to build churches, bring conviction, or encourage believers. He also reminds us of how impactful Bible stories can be on a person and a culture. When someone comes into contact with the Word of God and with His presence, everything changes for the better. <br> <br> <ul> <br> <li>00:24 - Episode summary</li> <br> <li>01:50 - Introduction</li> <br> <li>02:23 - What are the positive impacts of short term trips?</li> <br> <li>04:46 - Preparation and approach</li> <br> <li>09:34 - Learning to build relationships before the trip</li> <br> <li>10:53 - Maintaining the creative flow</li> <br> <li>13:54 - What led you to the path of productivity?</li> <br> <li>17:12 - The benefit of organization in ministry</li> <br> <li>19:48 - The common challenges of being productive</li> <br> <li>21:45 - Different forms of short term mission trips</li> <br> <li>24:17 - How do you know where to go?</li> <br> <li>28:00 - The advantage of being out of one’s element</li> <br> <li>36:20 - Ministering from a place of fullness</li> <br> <li>40:55 - Tracking prayer through an app</li> <br> <li>43:25 - How can we best pray for you?</li> <br> <li>46:26 - Closing remarks</li> <br> <li>47:33 - Resources and links</li> </ul>