Tesla Model 3 & Nissan LEAF 2.0 Impressions — CleanTech Talk Returns! (CTT #33)

CleanTech Talk — EVs, Solar, Batteries, AI, Tesla show

Summary: Hello again, listeners and readers. After a longer than expected off-season, Cleantech Talk is back! Season 3’s contributions should be a bit more regular than Season 2 was, given that I’ve moved -- “pivoted” in Silicon Valley lingo -- from his full-time engineering job to communications consulting, specifically to be able to dedicate more time to the podcast and related activities. Some pre-emptive apologies are in order for this week’s audio; I didn’t set my levels correctly, so there could be some hissing. I’ve also clearly forgotten the old Toastmasters rule about not using filler words like “um” and “uh”. Always room to improve, eh? We’ll also have time, now, to figure out how to improve the sound quality. Our two big stories related to summer’s big Tesla Model 3 announcement, and September’s new Nissan Leaf unveiling.