Interview with Dr. Mark Houston, expert in cardiovascular disease and hypertension

KUSP's Ask Doctor Dawn show

Summary: The endothelium that lines your blood vessels is the largest organ in the body; Endothelial health interacts with everything in your blood and deals with "toxic insults" that can lead to disease; Hypertension is a symptom of inflammation, autoimmune dysfunction and oxidative stress responses to damaged endothelium; The treatment of hypertension should address basic causes and not just treat high blood pressure symptom; The natural history of plaque formation in coronary artery disease, which can start when you are very young; New technologies to measure the health of arteries long before occlusions show up in an angiogram; All about good and bad types of fat — why trans fat is bad; The function of HDL and LDL and the importance of measuring LDL particle size and other tests besides just cholesterol value; Bioidentical hormone therapy can help women with high blood pressure; Appropriate use of pharmaceuticals for treating hypertension; Red Yeast Rice contains many therapeutic chemicals and is probably better than just the isolated statin chemical