10 - What if a rabbit laid eggs in a cloud that fell down? (Rerun)

What If World - Stories for Kids show

Summary: This week we’re taking a break to rerun one of our FAVORITE stories! Will Rola the Rabbit find her family?<p>Don’t forget to enter our contest! One lucky What If World fan is going to win ANY item of their choice from the <a href="%E2%80%9Chttp://whatifworld.threadless.com/%E2%80%9C">What If World threadless store</a>, OR a live story just for you and your family from Mr Eric (over Google Hangouts, FaceTime or Skype)!</p><p>To enter, all you need to do is write a short review on Apple Podcasts, then tell us your display name on <a href="%E2%80%9Chttps://www.facebook.com/whatifworldpodcast/%E2%80%9C">Facebook</a>, <a href="%E2%80%9Chttps://twitter.com/whatifworldpod%E2%80%9D">Twitter</a> or <a href="%E2%80%9Cmailto:whatifworldpodcast@gmail.com%E2%80%9D">by email</a> so we know how to contact you if you win. (Having trouble leaving a review on your iPhone? <a href="%E2%80%9Chttps://www.essentialapple.com/home/how-to-leave-a-podcast-review-using-your-iphone%E2%80%9D">Click here for instructions!</a>)</p><p>Find more info about the contest <a href="%E2%80%9Chttp://whatifworldpodcast.com/episodes/2017/7/30/41-what-if-i-had-a-carnival-at-my-house-and-sniff-stevie-dracomax-jfkcat-made-friends-and-helped-save-the-world-from-cthunkle%E2%80%9D">at our website</a>. Thank you so much, your feedback means the What If World to us!!!</p><p>What If World is hosted and performed by Eric O’Keefe, edited by Karen Marshall, with a theme song by Craig Martinson.</p>