How to Prepare to Lead a Powerful Missions Trip, with Bruce Coble – EM203

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Summary: When missions trips are done well, they can change the world and transform lives. Listen to discover three keys to powerful preparation and five secrets to lead great devotions.<br> <br><br> <br> Done well, missions trips can be powerful and life-transforming.<br> <br> So much of what comes out of a missions trip has to do with what went into it. The preparation, the planning, the prayer and research. But, like the anything, the best plans mean nothing if we can't be flexible and stay true to the primary point of what we're doing.<br> <br> Listen as Pastor Bruce Coble, one of the best missions trip leaders I know, shares what he's learned about leading life-changing missions trips from his decades of experience. <br> <br> Not only will you hear his heart and knowledge, but you'll see how his simple approach has born fruit that lasts for generations.<br> <br> You will not be disappointed.<br> <br> [00:24] - Episode Overview<br> [00:55] - Opportunity to help support Global Initiative<br> [01:28] - Introducing Pastor Bruce Coble<br> [01:56] - What positive things come out of short-term missions<br> [03:08] - When have you seen God really come through and provide for a trip?<br> [04:46] - How has your involvement with cross-cultural missions impacted your life?<br> [06:18] - How can we become aware that God is working in our lives every day?<br> [09:23] - Is it hard for you to remember that every day is a day for God's greatness?<br> [10:54] - Has God been revealing anything or teaching you anything new over the last few months?<br> [12:38] - What goes into you're preparation before you lead a trip?<br> [14:54] - Are there parts of the group preparation that are consistent?<br> [16:31] - Are there times you have to encourage people to NOT go on a trip?<br> [17:02] - The ones he worries about the most are the ones that...<br> [17:25] - Are there times you feel like you should reach out, even if people haven't expressed an interest?<br> [18:32] - How do you effectively get the word out and still wait for people to hear from God first?<br> [20:05] - What kinds of things need to be in a leader's life to hear from God and offer great devotions and a great support?<br> [23:14] - Are there any parts of the schedule, perspective, or approach that are non-negotiables?<br> [27:11] - How do you help people carry what God did with them when they return?<br> [29:21] - How are you able to encourage people and help them keep from letting what God did leak out?<br> [32:13] - How can we best pray for you?<br> [33:26] - Check out Missional Audio<br> [34:53] - Listener feedback from Steve the horn player in Australia<br> [35:20] - The relationships you have could benefit people you've never met.