African American Perspectives on Pastoral Counseling

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Summary: Listen to this sample broadcast by Dr. Kimberly Hardy talking about "African American Perspectives on Pastoral Counseling" originally recorded on October 26, 2012.  Podcast Summary: The Pew Forum on Religion in Public Life has found that African-Americans are more religious than any other racial/ethnic group in the country. Born of struggle and resistance to societal injustice, the Black Church developed as a means of providing both a haven from harm and a sanctuary for worship. The Black Church is still critically important for African-Americans, but the roles it plays may be changing particularly regarding mental health.  This session presents the findings of a survey study conducted in two phases: an electronic administration and a paper/pencil administration in the pews of several Black Churches in the mid-Atlantic region. The study identifies the perceptions of African-American Christians related to professional/secular and faith-based pastoral counseling. Specifically, the presentation will identify patterns of responses, reveal the preferred source of support for various personal and mental health issues, and specify ways in which to incorporate the findings into social education and practice. The sample audio was originally published as NACSW's January, 2015 Podcast of the Month. Join NACSW today to gain access to this full podcast, as well as other great resources for integrating Christian faith and social work practice.