The Bewildering Death - Part 2 of 2

Eric Ludy Sermon Podcast: Church at Ellerslie show

Summary: A 2 Part Sermon Series “The New Testament is in—the Old concealed. The Old Testament is in the New revealed.” This phrase from Christian history emphasizes the powerful reality that all throughout the Old Testament the truth of Jesus, the cross, and the Gospel can be found. Similarly, the New Testament takes what God started in the Old and gives the deeper revelation of what the Old was actually pointing toward. In The Bewildering Death, Eric Ludy unpacks ten strange foreshadows from the Old Testament and talks about how they were understood but then reveals how they point to and become fulfilled in the life and death of Christ Jesus. If you desire to gain a deeper understanding and love of the Old Testament, this message will leave you excited and expectant to study all of Scripture.