Episode 26: Real Food RDs “Grab Bag”

The Ancestral RDs Podcast show

Summary: Thanks for joining us for episode 26 of The Ancestral RD podcast! If you want to keep up with our podcasts, subscribe in iTunes and never miss an episode! We're continuing with our listener-submitted questions today, and this episode is all about the ins and outs of becoming a Real Food RD. Please send us your question if you'd like us to answer it on the show! Here's what Laura and Kelsey will be discussing in this episode: I'm curious to know how you both gained confidence in your counseling skills when you first began practicing. In my internship, I don't feel as if I'm developing the counseling skills I need for private practice. In the hospital, as I'm sure you both know, we get about 10-20 minutes with a patient, which includes assessment questions and then leaves some time for education. I will have some opportunity for outpatient counseling in my community rotation so hopefully that will help me build upon those skills. I guess I am most curious about how a typical session goes with a new client? Are most of your clients already somewhat familiar with real food/paleo eating? If not, how do you introduce it to them if they are coming from a place of conventional wisdom? I hope that makes sense. Thank you! I'm currently a student studying Nutrition to become an RD. I was just wondering if you are an RD, if you have to push the Dietary Guidelines of America? or if you have to follow a certain set of rules/guidelines for dietary advice. i.e. I think gluten is terrible for the body, can you legally advise clients to not consume it if you're an RD? Also, can you advise people to consume high fat diets if they have insulin resistance or diabetes? seeing as it's not exactly well accepted around the DGAs or what is normally advised. Hi! I have been loving your podcasts, but I am actually pretty far behind because I didn't start listening until recently. I just started RD school and listened to your podcasts about becoming a real food RD. Love the tips and advice you have to offer in the podcasts!! One of my favorite pieces of advice was to take projects in my program and use them as an opportunity to shed light on some scientific research that doesn't completely align with government regulations. Because I am hungry for more information and I want to get the most out of my program, I am wondering what some of your favorite academic journals are. Also, when searching for things that are related to "real food" do you have any key search terms that you use? Would love the advice!! :) Links Discussed: