Episode 55: What To Expect When Adding Carbs Back Into Your Diet

The Ancestral RDs Podcast show

Summary: Thanks for joining us for episode 55 of The Ancestral RD podcast. If you want to keep up with our podcasts, subscribe in iTunes and never miss an episode! Remember, please send us your question if you'd like us to answer it on the show! Today we are answering the following question from a listener: “Hi ladies. I’ve been listening to your advice about eating more carbs. For the past few years with Paleo, I’ve definitely been under eating carbs unintentionally. My question is, what is normal to expect with transitioning to a more moderate carb diet? I have a lot more energy and better bowel movements, but I am also having a lot of abdominal pain and bloating. This is a noticeable increase since a lower carb diet. My typical carb intake in a day is white potato or acorn squash with breakfast, chia seed pudding with banana/berries for a snack, potato again with lunch, sweet potato with dinner, and fruit with nuts in the evening, plus lots of non-starchy veggies. I’m a group fitness instructor and quite active. P.S. I’m in Canada and just got accepted to a dietetic internship. Can’t wait to be a real food RD!" Are you experiencing bloating or other digestive discomfort when adding carbs back into your diet after a period of restriction? Don't throw in the towel just yet! Many people experience some degree of gut issues when adding foods back into their diet. Often times these symptoms are not a sign that you need to keep avoiding the food, but rather a common occurrence when reintroducing foods. The good news is that the majority of the time the symptoms are only temporary as your body readjusts to eating a healthy variety of foods again. We have been learning that restrictive diets may not be so good for us after all. Listen today as we discuss the consequences of restrictive dieting, common symptoms when adding foods back in, and how to navigate the adjustment process your body goes through. Here's what Laura and Kelsey will be discussing in this episode: How it’s common to have gut symptoms when adding foods like carbohydrates back into your diet after being on a restrictive diet Common symptoms of changing the amount of carbohydrates and fat in your diet The role enzyme production plays in gut symptoms after being on a restrictive diet The role of your gut bacteria in gut symptoms when reintroducing foods How to tell if your symptoms are those commonly related to reintroduction of foods, or if it’s something requiring further investigation The potential dangers to your gut health when making extreme changes to your diet and being too restrictive The observed link between food sensitivities and a history of restrictive dieting The importance of examining the amount of plant fiber in your diet when having gut symptoms How to adjust the amount of a possible reactive carbohydrate source instead of avoiding it completely The importance of diversity in carbohydrates choices for gut health Links Discussed: KettleAndFire.com - Use the code AncestralRDs for a 15% discount off your first order of Kettle and Fire bone broth! TRANSCRIPT: Laura: Hey everyone. Welcome to episode 55 of The Ancestral RDs podcast. I’m Laura Schoenfeld, and with me as always is Kelsey Marksteiner. Kelsey: Hey guys. Laura: So Kelsey, how’s your week going? Kelsey: Just pushing through apartment hunting still, unfortunately, and it’s like we’re really coming down to when we want to be moving very soon. So it’s like looking at two apartments everyday which is very, very tiring unfortunately. Laura: Yeah. Kelsey: I’m pretty exhausted this week. How about you? Laura: Yeah, I’m feeling pretty exhausted myself. I’ve been really busy. I just opened up my practice to new clients and it filled up pretty quickly. I kind of went from not taking new clients at all to all of a sudden having a lot, which is awesome, but it’s also a big change from the last couple of weeks of doing our program.