Episode 61: How To Adjust Your Macronutrient Percentages When Increasing Carbohydrate Intake

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Summary: Thanks for joining us for episode 61 of The Ancestral RD podcast. If you want to keep up with our podcasts, subscribe in iTunes and never miss an episode! Remember, please send us your question if you'd like us to answer it on the show! Today we are answering the following question from a listener: “Hey Laura and Kelsey. In a recent podcast you mention trying a higher carb diet for a bit to improve symptoms and possibly even encourage weight loss. If you have someone who’s been on a lower carb diet, where do you typically recommend starting with macro percentages? I know the point is simply to not be so afraid of carbs, but if you were diving deeper to see if mixing up macros would help, where would you start?” You’ve most likely heard us talk about the benefits of switching from a low carb diet to a moderate or higher carb diet. But you may be left wondering how to start making what may feel like pretty significant transition. Often there's uncertainty about how much carbohydrate to add back in to your diet as well as concerns about the physical and mental adjustment involved. If you are working with clients, or are somebody who is are unsure about transitioning yourself from a low carb diet, you’ll definitely want to listen to today’s podcast. Join us today we discuss the importance of individuality in determining macronutrient ratios, give general guidelines of how to make the adjustment to eating more carbohydrates, and share why it’s important to allow your body to acclimate to any significant dietary change. Here's what Laura and Kelsey will be discussing in this episode: General recommendations for percentage of calories from carbohydrates based on Laura and Kelsey’s experience increasing carbs in their client’s diets The importance of individualization when it comes to calculating appropriate macro percentages Pros and cons of either slowly increasing carbs in your diet or quickly making the switch to a higher carb diet Importance of giving your body time to acclimate to significant changes in your diet The double standard involved in switching the percentage of carbs in your diet The physical and mental challenges associated with the transition to increasing carbs in your diet The importance of adjusting fat percentage along with carbs when the goal is weight loss Why it can be helpful to work with a nutrition professional to guide you through transitioning to a higher carb diet Sources of carbohydrates that will allow you to reach your carb goals on a whole foods diet How a moderate to higher carb diet tends to work better than a low carb diet  for the majority of people Links Discussed: KettleAndFire.com - Use the code AncestralRDs for a 15% discount off your first order of Kettle and Fire bone broth! TRANSCRIPT: Laura: Hey everyone. Welcome to episode 61 of the Ancestral RDs Podcast. I’m Laura Schoenfeld and over there is Kelsey Marksteiner. Kelsey: Hey guys. Laura: So Kelsey, I hear that you have recently joined a different gym than you were working out at the last time we talked about it. So how’s that been going? Kelsey: It’s been going great actually. So just a little bit of background for those who haven’t been keeping up with my life details, I was in Massachusetts in the earlier part of this year and when I was there I started working pretty much one on one with a coach in the area to learn how to start power lifting. I’ve never really done any of it before so that was a really experience. It was awesome to work one on one with someone who is looking at my form and all that good stuff. Then when I came back to New York, I was actually having a fairly difficult time finding a place to do power lifting because a lot of the places that have the type of equipment I needed were more like CrossFit gyms. There weren’t just gyms that had the equipment but were open to people doing other stuff other than CrossFit.