Episode 74: The Importance Of Human Connection In The Modern World With Dallas Hartwig

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Summary: Thanks for joining us for episode 74 of The Ancestral RD podcast. If you want to keep up with our podcasts, subscribe in iTunes and never miss an episode! Remember, please send us your question if you'd like us to answer it on the show. Today we are thrilled to be interviewing Dallas Hartwig. Dallas Hartwig is a Functional Medicine practitioner, Certified Sports Nutritionist, and best-selling author of two books, It Starts With Food and The Whole 30. He is also the creator of the More Social Less Media program, and he believes deeply in people. We know that the modern world has in many ways altered our relationship with food. But how much do we understand about how it has also changed our relationships with people? Join us today as we discuss with Dallas life altering truths about the often unperceived consequences that the prevalence and ease of technology and social media has on our lives individually and as a society. You’ll learn about the far reaching effects technology has had on human connection and come away with ways you can begin to make more informed choices to re-cultivate this vital piece of human nature to positively impact your health and our society. You’ll also hear about Dallas’ exciting free program More Social Less Media that will help you reassess your use of technology so you can focus on the meaningful in-person social connections humans thrive on. Here are some of the questions we discussed with Dallas: Can you tell us how you evolved to start talking more about human connection coming from a strictly nutritional background? There’s a lot of ways that we feel like we are connecting with people through technology. Would you say that those things truly count as human connection? Or is there a big difference between that kind of connection and sitting down and having a cup of coffee with someone and having a conversation? What is it about vulnerability that is so crucial to these human connection benefits that we’re going to talk about today? When we talk about human connection, when we talk about vulnerability, I think we all inherently know that these things are probably important. Do you have a way to describe why we as humans need this even though our brain will actively avoid things like vulnerability when it seems like it is important? You mentioned that there's a difference between socialization and connection. What is your definition of the two and how they overlap or not? Where does human touch come into play ? Would you mind telling us a little bit more about your More Social Less Media program? Links Discussed: MyPaleoRehab.com DallasHartwig.com More Social Less Media The Living Experiment podcast Follow Dallas on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. TRANSCRIPT: Laura: Hey everyone. Welcome to episode 74 of The Ancestral RDs podcast. I’m Laura Schoenfeld and with me as always is Kelsey Kinney. Kelsey: Hey guys. Laura: We have a really, really cool interview today and we’re not going to do a super long intro just because we don’t want the episode to go on for hours and hours, as much as you guys like hearing our voice. But we did want to just do a little intro to the topic because it’s something that we’ve been talking about a lot more recently not only on the podcast, but I know for me working with my clients I’ve been bringing it in a lot more. I would definitely like to do more either writing or work on this topic in general because of the impact it has on people’s health and wellbeing. But today we’re going to be talking about social connection. We have an awesome guest with us today. But Kelsey and I have just really been kind of latching onto this topic and seeing something important to discuss because we don’t see it being discussed as often as we think it should be, and we’ve seen the difference that it makes in people’s lives when they do focus on it even to the almost exclusion of the other health behaviors like diet,