Lifestyle Chill #029

Lifestyle Chill show

Summary: Happy New Year and thanks for celebrating it with us and Lifestyle Chill 029.  I’ve got an upbeat loungy mix of downtempo chill for you to enjoy. If you enjoy this show then leave me a comment below to let us know what you like. Lifestyle Chill 029 is full of great tracks including Kaoru Onu, Dale Vegas, DJ Dimi, Kato Kahra and more… the full track list is available below. Artists!  Send us your tracks... If you’re an artist and you’d like us to feature your tracks, we’re always looking for new music to play.  If you’ve got tracks in keeping with our show then reach out to me on <a href="" target="_blank">Twitter</a>. When we connect drop me a line to let me know where I can pick up your tracks for airplay. The easiest way to submit tracks to us <a title="Submit your track" href="">via our website</a>. By submitting your tracks to us you are granting the producers of Lifestyle Chill irrevokable worldwide rights in perpetuity, to reproduce one or more of your works without charge as part of one (or more) episodes of the Lifestyle Chill podcast. You are also acknowledging that the works are your own, or you have the right to grant permission to use tracks for this purpose. <a title="Submit your track" href="">Send me your track</a> CONNECT WITH ME ON TWITTER You can also follow me on twitter <a href="">@lifestylechill</a> – drop me a line to let me know you’re listening to Lifestyle Chill… because it’s nice to know who all you fabulous people are!  Oh, and feel free to leave me a comment on the blog here, below the track listings too.   TRACK LIST Music Tranquilizer Kaoru Ono “Liquid Sky (Featuring Daisuki &amp; Makoto from Jabberloop)” (mp3) from “Music Tranquilizer” (Daruma) Koh Samui Chill House Selection Dale Vegas “Push It” (mp3) from “Koh Samui Chill House Selection” (Billo Music) Thailand Chill House Session Ashley Scott “Back Home” (mp3) from “Thailand Chill House Session” (Billo Music) I LOVE IBIZA LOUNGE Vol. 1 Leslie Darsy “Ocean Emotion” (mp3) from “I LOVE IBIZA LOUNGE Vol. 1″ (Billo Music) One Music Kato Kahra “Calcutta” (mp3) from “One Music” (Magnatune) Zen Lounge: Vol. 2 (Chan Shi Er) DJ Dimi “Earth Chant (Zan Ge)” (mp3) from “Zen Lounge: Vol. 2 (Chan Shi Er)” (China Records) Vision (Volume 4) Angel Tears “Vision” (mp3) from “Vision (Volume 4)” (Lovecat Music) And Awake Ishq “Skylike” (mp3) from “And Awake” (Interchill Records)   Between the Streets EP Darren DuVall “Between The Streets” (mp3) from “Between the Streets EP” (Musical Missionary) Quarter Mile The Geaux “Adieux (re-edit)” (mp3) from “Quarter Mile” (Jericho Lounge)