Mark Levy; Bestselling Author “Accidental Genius"

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Summary: Have there been times where you have questioned your own value? Maybe you’ve worked somewhere for a while and felt like what you do isn’t truly valued. Maybe you are a thought leader, a coach or consultant and when you are asked your fees stating them feels so uncomfortable you can’t bare it, and as a result, you spit out an amount that’s far less than you know you should be charging. Mark Levy is the founder of Levy Innovation a positioning firm that helps consultants and other thought leaders increase their fees by up to 2,000%. His clients include CEOs of major brands, the former head of the strategy unit of the Harvard Business School, and famed speakers like David Meerman Scott, and Simon Sinek. Mark has written for the New York Times, and has written or co-created five books, including, “Accidental Genius: Using Writing to Generate Your Best Ideas, Insight, and Content,” which has been translated into 11 languages. In addition to being a positioning consultant, Mark is a nerd you are going to love. Why? Mark creates magic tricks and shows. And I’m not talking about the kind of thing you do for your kids birthday parties. His work has been performed in Carnegie Hall and Las Vegas, and on major TV networks. To top it off he is also the co-creator of the off-Broadway show, “Chamber Magic,” which is the longest-running one-person show in New York City. More about Mark Levy More on hiring the host Dov Baron: