Things We Said Today #228 - Sgt. Pepper playback session, McCartney's new tour, Dhani, Julian

Things We Said Today Beatles Radio show

Summary: This week, Steve, Ken and Allan (Al is absent, but he'll be back next week) discuss the available new "Sgt. Pepper" mixes and what people can expect. Ken Michaels attended the recent "Sgt. Pepper" listening session in New York and gives his report on what happened. Plus reports on Paul McCartney's new tour, Julian Lennon's book store appearance and Dhani at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony to honor ELO. Be sure to let us know what you think about the show. You can send your comments to our email address, join our "Things We Said Today Beatles Fans" Facebook page, tweet us at @thingswesadfab or catch us each on Facebook and give us your thoughts. And we thank you for listening. Don't forget, you can also always stream the show from our very own YouTube page. And we invite you to please write a review of our show on our iTunes page. Be sure to check our Podbean page and on iTunes regularly for our latest shows, which usually appear each week. Or better yet, subscribe to our iTunes, Podbean or YouTube pages and get notified when a new show is waiting for you.