Bonus Episode 72 – more Peter

Fear the Boot, RPG Podcast show

Summary: * (1:03) A shout-out to Richard Thomas and Aaron Sturgill. <a href="">Fear the Con X</a>, <a href="">AcadeCon</a>, and a total breakdown in communication.<br> * (4:27) Brodeur gets jealous and Dan throws shade at <a href="">Gamerstable</a>.<br> * (12:27) Brodeur gets on Facebook, and Dan starts the Doomsday Clock.<br> * (25:49) Pete’s start in RPGs, condescension from RIFTS, and a GM on the railroad.<br> * (37:52) Wayne’s go-to generic game.<br> * (38:51) The therapeutic value of roleplaying games. <a href="">The Bodhana Group</a>. Dreamchaser’s dream mechanic as a metaphor for approaching life goals (<a href="">Kickstarter link</a>, <a href="">Imagining Games site</a>).<br> * (52:46) Developing a character’s past, present, and future. <a href="">The Logan trailer</a> as an exercise in game arc design.<br> Hosts: Brodeur, Dan, Pete, Wayne<br>